Color Corps Drill Manual # 808

The Color Corps Drill Manual (No. 808) provides the accepted drill procedures of the Fourth Degree. It has been for use as a standard for uniform drill procedures; Honor Guard/Color Guard procedures; and the Manual of the Sword.

Laws and Rules of the 4th Degree # 1350

Laws and Rules of the Fourth Degree (No. 1350) outlines the official rules of the Fourth Degree.

Installation of Assembly Officers # 1355

Installation of Assembly Officers (No. 1355) is the official ceremonial to be used by the District Master to install assembly officers into their respective offices.

The Protocol Handbook # 1612

The Protocol Handbook (No. 1612) specifies the proper course of action and code of conduct that is expected of all Knights of Columbus in various settings and situations.

Public Relations and Publicity Guide # 2235

Getting Your Message Across (No. 2235) is a practical guide for public relations and publicity for assemblies and councils.

A Guide to Fourth Degree Membership Recruitment

A Guide to Fourth Degree Membership Recruitment (No. 4155) provides all Sir Knights with information and tips for growing their assembly.

United States Flag Manual # 4686

United States Flag Manual (No. 4686) contains information on the use, display and proper retiring of the flag of the United States.

Faithful Comptrollers Handbook # 10190

Faithful Comptrollers Handbook (No. 10190) provides the faithful navigator with the information needed to fulfill the many and varied duties of his office.

Method of Conducting Assembly Meetings # 10325

Describes the proper method of conducting your assembly's meetings.

Star Assembly Award # 10486

This brochure outlines the requirements for earning the Star Assembly Award.